The mission of Utah Education Consulting (UEC) is to help Utah's parents, guardians, and leaders serve each student's unique educational needs and interests to both encourage and secure every student's current and future opportunities for success.

Utah Education Consulting will send professionals to you to help your school maximize its efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of state and federal laws.

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At this time of political decision, it's important to reflect on what our country stands for - otherwise the education and future of our children may suffer ...

America means everything to me. It represents freedom throughout the world. It provides opportunity to all within its borders. The United States of America emerged as a direct result of the many struggles and great wisdom of our ancestors. We owe much to them and seek to perpetuate their sacrifices for our children.

I love the diversity of America. There are few places in the world that enjoy so much variation of beauty. There are even fewer places where such a variety of peoples and cultures are integrated into one society. America is special and unique. People love to come here, because America inspires the best in people.

America is home. It represents apple pie, baseball, and sunday school. America inspires greatness at every turn. Anyone and everyone can be successful in America. All that is required is desire and hard work.

America stands tall and will continue to be a light to the world as we, its people, remember the core foundations upon which is was established: individual worth and potential, faith, unity, liberty, and justice.